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1st Clock 5.1.1 update!

1st Clock

1st Clock replaces your taskbar clock and shows today's date and time around the world in any format you choose. Features include:

World Time Zone Clock:

World Clock in your Taskbar Clock

PLUS Alarms & Reminders, Atomic Time Synchronization, Two-months Popup Calendar, performance monitoring, copy to clipboard, swatch time and more...

1st Clock 5.1.1 is updated to support Windows 10 builds 19536 and beyond.

Buy 1st Clock (from $19.99)*
Download 30-day free trial (1.7Mb)
Read more about new world clock feature of 1st Clock...

1st Clock running in Windows 10, showing time from two different time zones and showing an alarm notification. Click for more information and screenshots...

ActionOutline 3.4


ActionOutline helps you store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form. With ActionOutline, you can create and manage to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers, etc. It includes an Explorer-like interface, the ability to link to web or local files, and much more.

Part of the outline displayed in the ActionOutline window. Click for more information and screenshots...

ActionOutline 3 lets you handle multiple documents with ease with the new tabbed multi-document interface. Password protection allows you to protect your documents with industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. Outline formatting lets you organize information visually by changing colors and font styles for individual outline items! Network options allows you to collaborate with other users on the network.

New version 3.4 allows you to add pictures to outline notes and version 3.3 added an ability to undo and redo any number of changes done to the outline and notes!

Buy ActionOutline (from $39.95)*
Download 30-day free trial (1.5Mb)

ActionOutline displaying multiple outlines in separate tabs. Click for more information and screenshots...

1st Autorun Express 3.2

1st Autorun Express

Make autorun CDs that will run your documents, web pages, presentations or display a menu with this easy step-by-step wizard. Just tell which document(s) you would like to autorun and all other stuff will be done automatically. No design or programming required! No need to study AUTORUN.INF!

1st AutoRun Express 3.2 lets you customize autorun menu buttons text.

Also since version 3, 1st AutoRun Express features auto-install of autorun document viewers, background pictures and customizable autorun menu fonts, web and email links in the menu, ability to autorun multiple files at once, autorun launcher version info customization, cd burning right from the program, command-line parameters for documents, drag & drop support for files and icons and more...

Click here to buy (from $39.95)*
Click here to download 1st Autorun Express! (1.1Mb)
Read about AUTORUN.INF and how to use it to autorun html, pdf, ppt or display a menu...

1st Autorun Express. Click for more information and screenshots...

*Tax/VAT may be added for certain countries. Exact details are provided before the order is completed.

Recent updates and additions:

1st Clock 5.1.1
is released! This version features full support of the latest versions of Windows 10. Read more...

ActionOutline 3.4
is released! New version allows you to add pictures from your computer or from Web sites to your outline notes easily...

1st Autorun Express 3.2
is released! New version allows you to customize autorun menu buttons text...

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